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Local variables

Angular provides a way to bind values to the template. For example this can be done on 2 ways, the 'as syntax' num$ | async as num and the 'let syntax' *rxLet="num$; let num".

Both ways can reduce the usage of pipes the async pipe (or any other pipe).

With async pipe

<ng-container *ngIf="num$ as n">
{{ n | async }} {{ n | async}} {{ n | async}}

With *rxLet directive

<ng-container *rxLet="num$; let n;"> {{ n }} {{ n }} {{ n }} </ng-container>

With directive's we can now provide custom values to the consumer. Angular does this in e.g. the *ngFor directive with local variables like even or odd.

<ng-container *ngFor="let item in list; let e = even">
even: {{ e }}