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A set of ESLint rules for building reactive, performant and Zone-less Angular applications.


If you haven't already, install @typescript-eslint/parser:

npm install --save-dev @typescript-eslint/parser

Install the package:

npm install --save-dev @rx-angular/eslint-plugin

To use the recommended ruleset, extend the configuration in your ESLint config (e.g. .eslintrc.json):

"extends": ["@rx-angular/recommended"]

Alternatively, if you prefer a more manual approach, add the plugin to your ESLint config, configure parser and enable whatever rules you chose:

"parser": "@typescript-eslint/parser",
"plugins": ["@rx-angular"],
"rules": {
"@rx-angular/no-explicit-change-detection-apis": "error",
"@rx-angular/prefer-no-layout-sensitive-apis": "error"


This plugin has two pre-defined configurations for different scenarios:

  • @rx-angular/recommended is recommended for most Angular applications,
  • @rx-angular/zoneless is a stricter configuration for applications that aspire to avoid triggering Zone.js.


Documentation for individual rules may be found here.