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A lib for handling data streams in templates for high performance and ergonomic Angular UI's in large-scale applications

@rx-angular/template was specifically designed to help developers reduce the boilerplate in templates and have performant change detection rendering and provide a migration path to go full zone-less.

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Sub Modulesโ€‹

Experimental features

All experimental features are very stable and already tested in production apps for multiple months. The reason to have them in experimental is so we can make small typing changes without breaking changes.



npm install @rx-angular/template


API Documentation

Basic setupโ€‹

You can import each feature individually.

import { RxLet } from '@rx-angular/template/let';
import { RxFor } from '@rx-angular/template/for';
import { RxPush } from '@rx-angular/template/push';
import { RxUnpatch } from '@rx-angular/template/unpatch';

standalone: true,
imports: [RxFor, RxLet, RxPush, RxUnpatch],
template: `...`,
export class AnyComponent {}

Version Compatibilityโ€‹


Regarding the compatibility with RxJS, we generally stick to the compatibilities of the Angular framework itself, for more information about the compatibilities of Angular itself see the official guide.