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A Component Development Kit for High performance and ergonomic Angular UI libs and large scale applications.

@rx-angular/cdk was specifically designed to help developers build directives, components and services for ergonomic and high performant Angular UI libs as well as large scale applications


Sub Modules



npm install --save @rx-angular/cdk
# or
yarn add @rx-angular/cdk


If you are using @rx-angular/cdk already, please consider upgrading with the @angular/cli update command in order to make sure all provided code migrations are processed properly.

ng update @rx-angular/cdk
# or with nx
nx migrate @rx-angular/cdk

Version Compatibility

14^7.4.0> 1.0.0-alpha.10
^12.0.0 or ^13.0.0^6.5.5 or ^7.4.0> 1.0.0-alpha.10
^11.0.0^6.5.5<= 1.0.0-alpha.10

Regarding the compatibility with RxJS, we generally stick to the compatibilities of the Angular framework itself. All the packages support RxJS versions ^6.5.5 || ^7.4.0. For more information about the compatibilities of Angular itself see this gist.