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How can I run partial updates?

RxState has partial updates built in. Every change sent to the state over set or connect is treated as partial update. An instance of RxState typed with T accepts Partial<T> in the set and connect method.

The partial update can happen directly by providing a Partial<T> or over a reduce function (oldState, change) => newState.

import { RxState } from `rx-angular/state`;
interface ComponentState {
title: string;
list: string[];
loading: boolean;

class AnyComponent extends RxState<ComponentState> {
updateTitle() {
this.set({ title: 'Hello!' });

resetList() {
this.connect(this.globalState$.list$({ list: [], loading: false }));

Internally the state update looks like this:

scan((oldState, newPartialState) => ({ ...oldState, ...newPartialState }))