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The unpatch directive helps developers to partially deactivate NgZone, as well as getting rid of unnecessary renderings through zones addEventListener patches. It can be used on any element you apply to event bindings.

The current way of binding events to DOM:

<div (mousemove)="doStuff($event)">Hover me</div>
<!-- every mousemove will automatically schedule a re-render for you -->

The problem is that every event registered via (), e.g. (mousemove) (or custom @Output()) marks the component and all its ancestors as dirty and re-renders the whole component tree. Read more about this here

So even if your eventListener is not related to any change at all, your app will re-render the whole component tree. This can lead to very bad user experiences, especially if you work with frequently fired events such as mousemove.

The unpatch directive solves this problem in a convenient way:

<button [unpatch] (click)="triggerSomeMethod($event)">click me</button> <button [unpatch]="['mousemove']" (mousemove)="doStuff2($event)" (click)="doStuff($event)">click or hover me</button>

Warning: Do not use [unpatch] on the following elements:

  1. Elements that should trigger navigation (with routerLink directly or with method bound to (click) or other events). Otherwise you will end up having a 'Navigation triggered outside Angular zone, did you forget to call ""?' warning.
  2. Elements that reference a FormControl. Specify all events except the blur and change events. Otherwise user input is ignored, the FormControl.valueChanges observable will not emit and attached validations to the FormControl will not run until next change detection that affects the component in which the element is rendered.

Included Features:

  • by default un-patch all registered listeners of the host it is applied on
  • un-patch only a specified set of registered event listeners
  • works zone independent (it directly checks the window for patched APIs and un-patches them without the use of runOutsideZone which brings more performance)
  • Not interfering with any logic executed by the registered callback

Current list of unpatched events

export const zonePatchedEvents = ['scroll', 'mousedown', 'mouseenter', 'mouseleave', 'mousemove', 'mouseout', 'mouseover', 'mouseup', 'load', 'pointerup', 'change', 'blur', 'focus', 'click', 'contextmenu', 'drag', 'dragend', 'dragenter', 'dragleave', 'dragover', 'dragstart', 'drop', 'input'];

more coming soon:

  • EventEmitter -> custom @Output()
  • (@animationTrigger.start) & (@animationTrigger.done)
  • ...