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Performance & DX

RxAngular offers a comprehensive toolset for handling fully reactive Angular applications with the main focus on runtime performance and template rendering.

RxAngular is divided into different packages:


Reactive Component State-Management.


High-Performance Reactive Template Rendering for Angular.


A Component Development Kit for High performance and ergonomic Angular UI libs and large scale applications.

Used together, you get a powerful tool for developing high-performance angular applications with or without NgZone.

This repository holds a set of helpers to create fully reactive as well as fully zone-less applications.


  • 🔥 It's fast & performance focused: exceptional runtime speed & small bundle size
  • ✔ Easy upgrade paths: migration scripts included since beta! ng update @rx-angular/{cdk | template | state}
  • ✔ Lean and simple: No boilerplate guaranteed
  • ✔ Well typed and tested
  • ✔ Backwards compatible: support for Angular > v11

Used by


Large scale application

Platforms: Web


Medium size project

Platforms: Web, Mobile (ionic)

Angular Movies App by TasteJS

Small project

Platforms: Web