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Error Handling

How it works?

Errors are a part of web development. They can happen at any time, and they can be caused by a variety of factors. When an error occurs, it's important to handle it appropriately to ensure that your site remains accessible and functional. ISR has a feature that allows you to handle errors during the regeneration or caching of your pages.

By default, when an http error occurs during the server-rendering of a page, we don't cache the page but fall back to client-side rendering, because it probably will have error messages or other content that is not intended to be cached.

Configure error handling

To configure error handling, you can use the skipCachingOnHttpError flag in the ISR configuration. By default, this flag is set to true.

In order to enable caching of pages with http errors, you should set this flag to false.

const isr = new ISRHandler({
// other options
skipCachingOnHttpError: false,

Be aware that this may cause some issues with your site. And you should handle these errors appropriately to ensure that your site remains accessible and functional.

In, order to see if the page has an error, you can check the errors property in the generated html. Here's an example of a page with an error:

ISR state of a page with an error

Handle other errors

You can also handle other errors that are not http errors. For example, if you have a posts page, but with no content, you can add an error the errors of the ISR state.

In order to do that, you can use the addError method of the IsrService.

import { IsrService } from '@rx-angular/isr/browser';

export class PostSComponent {
private isrService = inject(IsrService);

loadPosts() {
next: (posts) => {
if (posts.length === 0) {
name: 'No posts',
message: 'There are no posts to show',
} as Error);

// other logic

So, if we have a page with no posts, by adding the error to the errors property, we will be able to skip the caching of the page and fall back to client-side rendering.


You can use this feature to handle errors, or you can use it only to skip caching of pages.